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Meeting Minutes, Pleasantville Chamber of Commerce
5 p.m., July 27, 2011

Meeting took place at Village Hall on Wheeler Ave.

Present: Bill Flooks (Beecher Funeral Home), Ernie Csak (Edward Jones Financial Services), Toni Emerson (Civic Member), Kait Dupiaga and Burt Blumkin (Burton Jay Computers), Sarah Studley and Gina DeBonis ( Pleasantville Briarcliff Manor Patch), Roy Solomon (The Village Bookstore), Barry and Linda Schwartz (Try & Buy Toy Store), Annette Colasuonno (The Lil’ Chocolate Shoppe), Tom Abinanti (NY State Assemblyman for 92nd District) and Evelyn Latella (Administrative Assistant).

Members engaged in open networking.

President Bill Flooks called the meeting to order at 5:10, inviting those present to introduce themselves. He then reviewed some of the highlights of 2011 Chamber activities to date:

--2011 membership of 151 is an all-time high.
--2010 Business Person of the Year event, sponsored by the Chamber and TD Bank where the event was held, honored Mal Costello and Robert Spitalieri of Frank & Joe’s Deli.
--June 2011 meeting was held at the newly opened Westchester Table Tennis Center.
--May 2011 meeting was held at Captain Lawrence Brewery.
--Worked with Welcome Wagon in making promotional opportunities available to members.
--Worked with The Dining Times on the Where Is It? brochure that was mailed to almost 5,000 residents and businesses in Pleasantville.
--Continued association with The Business Council of Westchester, enabling members to take advantage of their programs and offerings, which are listed in the News section of the Chamber website.
--Maintain the Chamber website, which is kept current with Chamber, member and local information.

Bill also talked about some of the projects that the Chamber will be working on over the next few months:

--Chamber Fall Event at which Certificates of Appreciation awards will be made.
--The popular September through November and Holiday Raffles.
--Holiday Happenings in Pleasantville brochure.
--PCTV holiday video featuring Chamber members who respond to our offer to be included.
--Holiday Sing-Along and Tree Lighting.

Toni Emerson advised that the updated Shop, Dine, Explore--Enjoy Pleasantville! Brochure is in production and will be distributed at locations throughout the Village at the end of the week. She  also gave a preliminary heads-up on a project that Evelyn Latella and she are looking into: A promotional bag that the Chamber would hand out free to visitors at the Pleasantville Farmers Market Community Table and that would contain Chamber member coupons or other  promotional material. The bags would feature Shop, Dine, Explore--Enjoy Pleasantville! on one  side and, for a to-be-determined fee to help defray the cost, the names of members on the other side. An eblast will be sent to members as soon as plans are finalized.

We were fortunate to have Thomas Abinanti, New York State Assemblyman for the 92nd District, drop by and say a few words.

Treasurer Ed Elliott was unable to attend the meeting, so there was no Treasurer’s report.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 6 p.m. Members continued to network following the formal part of the meeting. The next meeting will be September 21; details to come.

Meeting Minutes, Pleasantville Chamber of Commerce
5 p.m., June 22, 2011

Meeting took place at the Westchester Table Tennis Center, 175 Tompkins Avenue, Pleasantville.

Present: Bill Flooks (Beecher Funeral Home), Ernie Csak (Edward Jones Financial Services), Ed Elliott (Elliott Architects), Toni Emerson (Civic Member), Leslie Resnick (Wisteria Gifts), Peter Eschweiler (Civic Member), Deepak Vashisht (Wells Fargo), Kait Dupiaga and Burt Blumkin (Burton Jay Computers), Will Shortz and Robert Roberts (Westchester Table Tennis Center), Sarah Studley and Gina DeBonis ( Pleasantville Briarcliff Manor Patch), Yvonne Van Cort and Roy Solomon (The Village Bookstore), Keith Levey and Antoinette DeRose (Houlihan Lawrence), Tara Klein (Pleasantville SEPTA), Patti Colombo (SPARC Inc.), Sam Barron (The Examiner), Evelyn Latella (Administrative Assistant).

Members engaged in open networking.

Will Shortz and Robert Roberts, owner and manager respectfully of the Westchester Table Tennis Center, hosted the event. Will talked about the new club, the premier table tennis club in the northeast, highlighting membership opportunities, instructional programs, hours of operation and the upcoming July 16th Grand Opening. Will and Robert answered questions and then treated attendees to an exciting table tennis exhibition.

New members introduced themselves and gave a brief overview of their businesses:
--Antoinette DeRose and Keith Levey, Houlihan Lawrence, Chappaqua
--Sara Studley, Editor, and Gina DeBonis, Advertising Manager, Pleasantville-Briarcliff Patch
--Deepak Vashist, Wells Fargo
--Tara Klein, Pleasantville SEPTA

Business items discussed:

--The Where Is It? brochure was mailed to residents and businesses with a 10570 mailing address last week.

--The Shop, Dine, Explore-Enjoy Pleasantville!~brochure will be printed and distributed

--Our current membership is 150—an all-time high for our Chamber.

--Members were encouraged to utilize the website, take advantage of its benefits, keep up with news and events, update their website profiles and advise the Chamber at info@pleasantvillechamber.com of their businesses promotions and events for posting on the Chamber’s website. Current average daily hits on our site number 26.

--Members of our Chamber are automatically members of the Business Council of Westchester and can take advantage of their programs and offerings, including a recently announced dental plan.

--Parking and vehicular and pedestrian traffic were touched on. A group of retailers will review a paper prepared by the Pleasantville Farmers’ Market Committee on ideas Pleasantville businesses might want to consider to attract customers.

--A question was asked about the status of the Lane Plumbing property behind the post office. The Village purchased the property and has bids out for razing the building to make room for parking.

--Next meeting: July 17,, location to be announced; there will be no meeting in August; a meeting will be held on September 21.

Treasurer’s Report:
Checking $6,431.45
Savings $6,516.57
Pay Pal $244.89
Checks for deposit $200.00

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 5:50 p.m.


Meeting Minutes Pleasantville Chamber of Commerce May 25, 2011


Meeting took place at Captain Lawrence Brewery, 99 Castleton Street at 5PM.

 Present: Bill Flooks (Beecher Funeral Home), Ernie Csak (Edward Jones Financial Services), Ed Elliott (Elliott Architects), Toni Emerson (Civic Member), Scott Vaccaro (Captain Lawrence Brewing) Nancy Rosanoff (Marmaduke Partners), Leslie Resnick (Wisteria Gifts), W. Paul Alvarez ( Alvarez Cleaning), Matt Jaros (Glass Onion Originals), Pat Fogarty (Infinite Lock & Door), Peter Eschweiler (Civic Member), Michael Rivlin (Peter Eschweiler’s grandson), Mike Esposito (DailyPleasantville .com) Evelyn Latella (Administrative Assistant).

Meeting got underway at 5PM when Scott Vaccaro (Capt. Lawrence) gave us a tour of the brewery.

“Where Is It? Brochure” will be going to print soon, with 5,000 going to households and businesses in 10570 zip code, and the remaining 500 for racks at Village Hall and the Library, and to respond to requests.

Welcome Wagon was discussed as well, this is a monthly printing and interested members can contact Noel Silverstein, Welcome Wagon Community Marketing Executive, at 1-800-737-4859 X1358.

Farmers’ Market - The Chamber will continue to work with merchants, and seek ways to encourage market attendees to visit surrounding businesses. A re-usable shopping bag with promotional material, coupons and other offerings was discussed and is being investigated.

Student Visions collected $900.00 from Pleasantville Day, and another event, and will equally split the donation to Smile Train, The Heifer Program, and a soon-to-be-named HS program.

Pace University Students collected $45,000.00 at their Relay for Life event which was donated to the American Cancer Society.

Treasurers report was that there is money in the account and come year end we hope to have a positive balance, as opposed to end of 2010.

 Meeting was closed out at 5:30.

MARCH 23, 2011

The Executive Board Meeting was called to order by president Bill Flooks at 5:10 p.m. at Village Hall.

Present: Bill Flooks (Beecher Funeral Home), Ernie Csak (Edward Jones Financial Services), Ed Elliott (Elliott Architects), Toni Emerson (Civic Member), Nancy Rosanoff (Marmaduke Partners), John Fisher (Pleasantville Tennis Club), Karen Lehman and Philip Congello (LAM Design), Burt Blumkin and Kait Duploga (Burton Jay Computer Consulting), Jack Mourouzis (Pleasantville Diner), Jennifer Mohr (Precious Health Acupuncture), Sharon Rosenberg and Steve Rosenberg (NWS Corp.) Karen Cammann (Mahopac National Bank), Andrea Naso-Nord (Hope’s Door), Margaret Walsh (Station Place Hair Salon), Mal Costello (Frank & Joe’s Deli), Leslie Resnick (Wisteria Gifts), Denise Treco (Flour & Sun Bakery), Ron Konchalski and David Lichtman (Allstate Insurance Company), Peter Rogovin ( Pleasantville Farmers’ Market) Miriam Haas (Community Markets), Evelyn Latella (Administrative Assistant).

March 18, 2011 Treasurer’s Report (Ed Elliott):

Checking: $1572.77
Savings: 6,512.50
PayPal: 90.33
To Deposit: 2,250.00
Total: $10,425.57
• Ed reported 134 members presently in his database.


Bill thanked members and guests for attending, and welcomed guest speaker Peter Rogovin, chair of the Pleasantville Farmers' Market Committee and three new Chamber members, Steve Rosenberg, (NWS Corp.), Ron Konchalski (Allstate Insurance Company), and Karen Lehman (LAM Design). He asked everyone to introduce themselves.

2010 BPOY Event honoring Mal Costello and Robert Spitalieri, (Frank & Joe’s Deli):
• Bill advised attendees of the upcoming BPOY event sponsored by TD Bank and the Chamber.
• He encouraged attendees to RSVP early.

Where Is It? Brochure:
• Bill advised members that the brochure details were being finalized.
• He continued that the brochure will include free Chamber member listings and offers members an opportunity to advertise their businesses.
• The brochure will be mailed to all businesses and homes in the village and will also be available in high-traffic locations throughout Pleasantville.
• The “Where Is It?” brochure will include handy village and town information and important emergency telephone numbers. Toni Emerson and Ernie Csak are currently contacting Members about this marketing opportunity.
• He advised members interested in placing an advertisement to contact Toni, Ernie or Karen at the diningtimes.com directly for details.


Hope’s Door Annual Spring Gala: Andrea Naso –Nord:
• Andrea advised attendees of the upcoming Spring Gala to be held Friday, April 29, 2011 at the Brynwood Country Club, Armonk. Proceeds to benefit Hope’s Door, providing safety and services to victims of domestic abuse.
• Toni advised Andrea to forward event details to info@pleasantvillechamber.com for uploading onto the Chamber website events calendar.


Peter Rogovin, Chair of the Pleasantville Farmers’ Market:
• Presented a PowerPoint presentation regarding the 2010 Farmers’ Market season.
• Advised that he and the committee’s other members revamped the Pleasantville Farmers’ Market, in 2010 attracting more customers and vendors to the venue.
• Reported that the market began in 1997, with this year recording the highest attendance to date.
• Advised that offering music, children’s activities, fundraisers and culinary tie-ins attributed the market’s success this year.
• Reported that the change in location, moving it closer to the entrance of the Metro North Train station was beneficial, addressed safety problems, and created additional room for more vendors.
• Advised that his goal was to create a community meeting place.
• Shared that there were six to seven more vendors than in the past and a hot food truck was also
available to shoppers.
• Reported that the Saturday before Halloween recorded the highest attendance with almost 3,100 attendees.
• Advised of the markets popularity through its Facebook fan page, which has 500 fans.
• Reported that despite the tremendous success of the market, the committee wants to make improvements next year including filling vendor-category gaps, improving market efficiency, improving storage and DPW coordination and parking availability.
• Reported that Chappaqua is gearing up for a successful Farmers’ Market season and may present some competition.
• A question and answer period followed Peter’s presentation.
• Several attendees congratulated Peter on the success of the market but also voiced their concerns regarding the limited parking in the Memorial Plaza area and how it has negatively impacted their businesses during the season.
• Margaret Walsh (Station Place Hair Cutting) suggested that Parkway Field on Marble Avenue should be considered as a possible location for the market’s venue in order to lessen the limited parking in the downtown business district.
• Jack Mourouzis (Pleasantville Restaurant & Diner) estimated that his business has fallen 20% on Saturday mornings due to parking issues and the hot food truck which serves breakfast items that compete with his menu.
• Mal Costello (Frank & Joe’s Deli) advised that the extra vehicular traffic in the downtown area on Saturday mornings causes long delays with deliveries and travel time for his customers to his location.
Karen Lehman, (LAM Design), advised that LAM Design has eighty (80) parking spots available on the weekends and offered the parking spots for market shoppers and to the merchants for their customer parking.
• Toni Emerson advised that the Mayor and Village Administrator would be made aware of Karen’s offer.
• Bill thanked Peter Rogovin for his informative presentation and encouraged attendees to email the Chamber with any questions, comments or suggestions regarding today’s discussion.


Steve Rosenberg, Owner, NWS Corp., 101 Castleton Street, Suite 203 Pleasantville, NY:
• Steve advised attendees that NWSC has been in business for over 15 years.
• A leading reseller of high-quality, name-brand printers and printer supplies at excellent prices.
• NWSC sells printers (new and refurbished), ink, toner, paper and copier products
Ron Konchalski, Office Manager, Allstate Insurance Company, 36 Wheeler Ave., Pleasantville, NY:

• Ron an experienced insurance broker and financial advisor and his partner David Lichtman, a mortgage broker, advised attendees that they acquired the Allstate Pleasantville office in October 2010.
• Their goal is to add an insurance component to the mortgage side of the business.
• The Allstate agency was moved down to the street level with a storefront to make the brokerage more accessible to pedestrians.
• Ron advised that the Pleasantville Allstate office offers property, casualty and life insurance, along with mortgages and financial planning.

Karen Lehman, Controller, LAM Design, 409 Manville Road, Pleasantville, NY:
• Karen and Philip Congello, V. P. Account Supervisor, advised attendees that LAM Design is a full-service strategic branding and design consultancy.
• The company advises many of the world’s leading companies on how to develop, extend and revitalize their brands.
• Their goal is to assist clients in maximizing the power of their brands through clear and intelligent design solutions.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 6:15 p.m.

Next Chamber meeting: Since the 2010 Business Persons of the Year event will be held in April, the next Chamber meeting will be at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, May 25, 2011 at Village Hall, 2nd floor.

Respectfully submitted by,
Evelyn Latella
Administrative Assistant
Pleasantville Chamber of Commerce

FEBRUARY 23, 2011

The Executive Board Meeting was called to order by Vice-President Ernie Csak at 5:10 p.m. at Village Hall

Present: Ernie Csak (Edward Jones Financial Services), Ed Elliott (Elliott Architects), Toni Emerson (Civic Member), Nancy Rosanoff (Marmaduke Partners), John Fisher (Pleasantville Tennis Club), Yvonne Van Court and Roy Solomon (The Village Bookstore), Linda and Barry Schwartz (Try & Buy Toy Stores), Evelyn Latella (Administrative Assistant).

Minutes: The minutes of the February 9th Executive Board Chamber Meeting were approved online.

Treasurer’s Report (Ed Elliott):
Checking: $2,647.07
Savings: 2,512.40
PayPal: 60.52
To Deposit: 1,175.00
Total: $6,394.99
• Ed reported 88 members presently in his database.

2010 Business Person of the Year: Nomination/Voting/Event (Toni Emerson):
• Toni advised attendees that the 2010 BPOY nominees are Mal Costello and Robert Spitalieri (Frank and Joe’s Deli) and Don Mulhare, owner and Val Balidemaj, manager (Pleasantville Taxi and Car Service). Also, that a write-up was posted on the website, and that Eblasts announcing the winning nominees and including a voting ballot were sent to members. Members were reminded to send their vote by the March 8th deadline and that they would be advised of the date and venue of the April event at which the awardee would be honored.

2010 Membership Renewal Follow-up (Ed Elliott):
• Ed advised attendees that Board Members have contacted 2010 members who have not yet renewed. The Executive Board will also send those 2010 members an Eblast that renewals are due by March 1, advising that they will miss out on several promotional opportunities including the website, the
SDE-EP! Brochure, the “Where Is It? Brochure, etc.
• Attendees discussed offering members with a second business a reduced membership fee for the second business. The Executive Board will discuss at their upcoming meeting.

A number of other topics were discussed:

Chamber Survey
• The Executive Board will send members a survey requesting input about Chamber activities.

Pleasantville Day, Saturday, May 14th 2011
• The Chamber has not participated in the event for the last few years because members weren’t available to volunteer to work a Chamber booth. In the past the Chamber’s booth featured a popular free wheel game with small-prize awards and a raffle of larger member-donated prizes. It was suggested that we send members an Eblast requesting volunteers for 1 ½ to 2 hours between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. A Chamber booth would rest on whether volunteers stepped forward.

Pleasantville Day 5K Walk/Run Race, Saturday, May 14th, 2011
• Linda and Barry Schwartz (Try & Buy) brought up the issue of the impact of the Pleasantville Day
5K race event on Washington Avenue businesses. Store owners and shoppers do not have access to the stores between 8 a.m. and at least 10 a.m. and shops have difficulty opening their businesses and those participating in Memorial Plaza events have difficulty transporting tables and store items to the site.
• Evelyn, having worked on the 5K Walk/Run event sponsored by the Community Scholarship Fund of Pleasantville, advised attendees that the race registration begins at 8 a.m. at Memorial Plaza with the race starting at 9:00 a.m. on Washington Avenue and ending on Washington Ave. in approximately one hour. It was discussed, however, that participants in the race linger on Washington Avenue well beyond 10 a.m.
• It was suggested that Washington Avenue shop owners contact Community Scholarship Fund
organizers to discuss a reasonable compromise. Roy Solomon (The Village Bookstore) suggested, for
example, that one side of Washington Avenue could be open to traffic and the other side available only
to race participants. The event organizers could coordinate details that were negotiated with Village
officials and the Police Department. The Executive Board advised that the Chamber would support the
shops’ efforts in reaching an agreement.

SDE-EP! Brochure Update
• Toni advised the brochure would be updated in March.

“Where Is It?” Brochure
• The publisher forwarded a first draft to the Executive Board for review and editing.
• The Dining Times publisher, Ken Guistino, has signed on several lapsed and new members.
• The Executive Board will provide the publisher with a write-up on Pleasantville and its history, a letter from the Chamber and photos.
• The brochure will list current 2011 members.

Spring/Summer Sales Event
• The group discussed whether these sales events that included sidewalk sales, in-store sales or both worked, particularly for retailers. Linda Schwartz (Try & Buy) and Roy Solomon (The Village Bookstore) advised such events don’t affect their businesses. Other merchants previously advised that they worked for them.
• Toni advised that the Chamber would send members a survey that would request input on promotional events.

Fall Event
• It was agreed that the well-received Certificates of Appreciation awarded at last Fall’s event would be
awarded again this year.

September through November Raffles
• Attendees responded positively to the raffles.

Holiday Happenings in Pleasantville brochure:
• Attendees were asked if they had any feedback on how the brochure was received in the community; no

PCTV Holiday Video/PCTV Support or Sponsorship
• Nancy advised that PCTV was in financial difficulty due to the loss of funding.
• Linda Schwartz (Try & Buy Toy Store) suggested that perhaps Chamber members who participate in the
Holiday Video this year be charged a nominal fee to help defray PCTV’s expenses.
• The Chamber made a donation to the PCTV support effort and sent an email requesting members to
consider contributing individually.
• Toni advised that an email advising members of PCTV sponsorship opportunities that would benefit
both PCTV and members will be sent out shortly. Linda Schwartz suggested that, if the Chamber has a booth on Pleasantville Day, they might collaborate to help promote the sponsorship program.
• John Fisher (Pleasantville Tennis Club), who has a background in direct marketing, offered help with the PCTV support and sponsorship efforts.

Holiday Raffle
• Attendees gave a positive response about continuing the holiday raffle promotion.

Holiday Sing-Along & Tree Lighting
• The Chamber will again participate in the Holiday Tree Lighting event this year.

Holiday Open House Events Flyer
• Toni advised the Chamber will look into providing a flyer with Chamber/member holiday promotions again this year.

Holiday Open House Singers
• Toni advised that the PHS music director cannot attend on the first weekend in December – the weekend
the Holiday Open House is held--due to a NY State singing event she attends with students. She can however accompany the singers as they visit merchants and eateries on the second Saturday in December.
• A possible solution might be to have events on the first and second weekends of December to cover the
number of shops and eateries and the PHS groups. To be discussed further.

Pleasantville Tennis Club Annual Tennis Outing
• John Fisher (Pleasantville Tennis Club advised that, due to low attendance, the event will not be
scheduled for this year.

Membership Renewals
• John Fisher asked about the recent history of membership renewal.
• Ed advised that most of the members that have not renewed are no longer in business or relocated.
• Evelyn advised that for the last three years the number of members that have not renewed has been surpassed by new memberships.
• John asked about Chamber efforts to reach out to new members and non-members and was advised that new businesses were contacted and visited to discuss membership benefits and opportunities. Also, that non-members received packages about the benefits of membership.
• Attendees discussed and agreed that offering members with a second business a reduced membership fee would be a good idea. The Executive Board will discuss the details at their upcoming meeting.
• Nancy reported that the Chamber has reached out to professional businesses in the last two years.
• Toni advised the Chamber’s membership compares favorably with local villages of its size or greater and that its fees are lower.

Chamber Website
• Toni advised the group and thanked Evelyn for diligently working with the developers to ensure the website features operate efficiently.
• The Executive Board will take additional measures to reach out to members encouraging them to send press releases or notices on their upcoming events for inclusion on the website.
• In order to make the website more relevant, Evelyn has updated members’ directory pages with information including write-ups, logos, photos and links to their website, facebook and twitter sites.
• Evelyn advised that the website received over 1,100 visits last month.

Public Works Department Snow Removal:

• Barry and Linda Schwartz (Try & Buy Toy Stores) advised attendees that they thought the Department of Public Works did an astonishing job under the most difficult of circumstances removing the snow from the streets, roads and parking areas in the Downtown are