Ways to Support Local Businesses During the Coronavirus 


Purchase Gift Cards / Certificates
Put money in the business now and safely use their services/goods later.

Use the New Services Businesses are Implementing
Is your favorite restaurant now delivering or offering curbside pickup?
Is your gym offering virtual training?
Businesses are quickly coming up with ways they can still serve you.

Tip More Generously
Tip-dependent workers are putting themselves at risk and are paid the least. Keep that in mind when using takeout and delivery services.

Spread the Word
Now is the time to use social media to spread the word about great local businesses, products and services. Helping your favorite business to gain a few new customers can go a long way!

Shop Online
Many local businesses have online shopping options that you may not know about. Others are putting these options in place. If you need something, check in with local businesses before you go elsewhere.